‘Continuing professional development’ is both the most important product of Target Internet’s work and an essential aspect of any person’s career. Here we offer a brief explanation of CPD and its importance to individuals and organisations.

‘Continuing professional development’ may sound a lot like empty business-speak, but the term’s meaning is entirely rooted in the most human of concepts: that we can keep learning and improving as we progress through our careers.

CPD means continuously picking up and refining skills to enhance and diversify your opportunities; acquiring new knowledge to prepare yourself for more responsible roles in the future; and mastering the latest technological advances, to ensure you can keep up with the pace of change in your field.

These goals can be achieved by various means, from e-learning to seminars, training days to regular sharing of learning resources. There will always be a CPD process to fit the situation.

CPD makes abundant sense for just about any freelancer or organisation. Though there will likely be some outlay on staff time or training costs to consider, the resulting enhancement in proficiencies will almost always provide a strong return on investment.

Target Internet exists to provide CPD, both within organisations and for individuals. Our training spans fundamental marketing skills and principles to emerging techniques, technology and best practices – all the ingredients of an exemplary digital marketer.

Getting CPD accredited

If you’re an employer, we would urge you to make a serious commitment to your team’s continued professional development by seeking CPD accreditation from a recognised authority.

Getting CPD accredited provides benefit to employer and employees alike. A good assessor won’t just carry out the accreditation process; they will also help you to improve CPD provision within your organisation. This enriches the team with new skills, knowledge and a sense of fulfilment that translates into better results.

When a new starter arrives at your company and displays a limited grasp of current industry best practices, don’t blame them – it’s likely that their CPD was inadequately supported by their previous employer.

Also worthy of consideration is the fact that many professionals will consider CPD when weighing up a job offer. If a job entails attractive CPD opportunities supported by accreditation from a respected authority, high quality candidates who care about developing their careers are likelier to apply. Place CPD at the heart of your organisation to attract exceptional candidates and then keep helping those candidates to get better and better at what they do.

Target Internet is CPD accredited by The CPD Standards Office.