Snip.Ly allows you to point to other people’s content and overlay your own messages on top. Great tool for content marketers or a step too far in using other people's content for your own gain? In this video Daniel discusses how the tool can be used to help with your content curation, discusses the ethical implications and suggests some clever ways the tool can be used within your own website.


I'm Daniel Rowles from Target Internet, and in this video, I want to talk about the slightly controversial content marketing tool. So if you listen to the podcast, you might have heard us talk about this, the digital marketing podcast and it's a tool that kinda solves a problem. Then if you look at it, you need to be quite careful how you use it. So if you've watched our content creation video or listened to the podcast, we talked about how you can take content and share other people's content.

So you might be writing a series of tweets, and those tweets might be saying, "Here's a really useful report. I thought this was interesting." And you're driving people through to someone else's website, but you're providing value by kinda filtering that content and pointing people in the right direction. Now, that's great. And you're providing value, so you're actually being useful for your audience. But the downside to that is that you tweet the link to someone else's website, and you're driving traffic to them. You're not driving traffic back to yourself.

So this tool kind of solves that problem, and its called Snipply. And what Snipply allows you to do is you can tweet out a link to somebody else's website, but what it's going to do is it's gonna overlay on top of that website a little call to action button. Normally it's in the bottom left of the screen, and you can customize that. And what, then, might happen is you go through this particular page of content, and then over the top of that, you'll just see a little call to action saying, "Come to for more distrimarketing news," for example.

So you're creating content, you're tweeting out the latest news on other people's website, but you're trying to drive people back to your website at the same time. When I first saw this, I thought, "That's absolutely fantastic. That's a really great tool." But then you need to think about it a little bit more carefully. Is it really okay to overlay your message onto somebody else's website? Now, I don't particularly mind if someone does that to my website because they've driven the traffic through to me, and I think that's fine if they wanna get people back to their website. But not everyone feels that way, and if you look online all the conversations are going on around Snipply, some people are happy with it, some people aren't.

So if you are going to use it, I would say use it cautiously because what you need to do is provide value. Don't just send someone through to another website and then just draw them back to your website with no real relationship between those two things. You need to be clear about the content you're providing or the value you're providing.

The other way of thinking about using it though is if you drive someone through to one of your pages, you can overlay a call to action. So you can get them through to a particular page, and you can then say, "Why don't you subscribe to our email?" or "Why don't you go to our video channel, whatever it may be, to get more of this kind of content?" You could also use it for creating tours through your website. So I can send you through to one page, have a little call to action. You could click on that, and that could send you through to another page with a different call to action, a different message. And you could go through a whole series of these. So you could get quite creative in the way you use it.

So Snipply is an absolutely fantastic tool for overlaying messages onto other webpages, but if your going to do that within someone else's content, just be a bit cautious about how you do it. You can go through and you can use Snipply for free if you're going to have under a thousand clicks per month. Beyond that, there are paid for versions, as well. There's also a plug-in for most major browsers that will allow you to automatically Snip the links that you paste into places, like Hoop Sweep, as well as other social media management tools that we've spoken about.

So what you could do is you could use Hoop Sweep for managing all your different social profiles, and when you put a link into Twitter, it will automatically Snip that and actually overlay a message on top of it for you, as well. So a really useful tool, but like with most of these tools use, it cautiously. And make sure that you're providing value. So I hope you found this video useful. If u did, please subscribe, and I'll see you again on