This week Daniel and Ciaran have some more tips and tools for you. We start with a brief overview of the new GDPR EU legislation due to take effect in May 2018 and how it affects email marketers. We also discuss nine tools all focused on helping you to improve your website, monitor website downtime as it happens, improve your drawing, measure data in exciting and animated formats from multiple sources, plus we have a quick round-up of our favourite screen capture and video screen capture software.

Under discussion this week:-

Are you ready for GDPR?

Do you even know what it is? If you are involved with email marketing, and you send email to subscribers in the EU, then you need to know all about this new legislation which comes into effect in 2018 and how it affects what you need to be doing now.

Read Litmus GDPR for Marketers Article: 

New Relic
Nothing to do with discovering magical or mystical objects, New Relic helps you to understand how code is functioning on your website and flag up any slow code or errors on your web server.

Google Autodraw
Rubbish at drawing? Google Auto draw may be able to come to your aid with artificial intelligence to help your drawing, turning it into something recognisable.

Chrome Experiments
Geek out on fun things your browser will do if you push the limits.

Uptime Robot
Monitor your website and get alerted to any downtime for free.

Also, take a look at which does a similar thing

Google Data Studio
Now out of Beta and with the 3 report limit removed, Google data studio is well worth investing some time and effort into. An ideal wash boarding tool which you can link up to all sorts of data beyond what you have in Google Analytics. Check it out.

Awesome Screenshot, Evernote Skitch & Screenflow
Need to annotate a screenshot to illustrate a point? These two tools are just the ticket. Ideal for communicating visual things relating to your website to developers and co-workers.

Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension 

Evernote Skitch


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