How Does Social Media Listening Work?

Daniel and Ciaran discuss where social listening fits into your Digital Marketing Strategy. Social Media listening can help you to understand your market and how existing and potential customers are talking about your brand and products. Set up correctly a good social listening programme can provide excellent insight into how you can help and respond to customers and be a more efficient organisation. Are you using it to best effect to monitor your results and customers reactions to your online activity? Do you have it set up to help you avoid and manage any social media crisis management?

Best Social Media Listening Tools

We started out looking for some free tools for social media listening and found the offerings available rather slim. However, undeterred we have put together our own roundup of Social media listening tools from the top flight industry ‘go-to’ tools right down to more reasonably priced offerings from multiple tool vendors.

Are your social media listening tools isolated in a team silo or are the insights being used by teams across your organisation? We walk you through some of the tools we have recently reviewed and the features they offer to help you understand what is on offer by each of these great tools.

We also explore sentiment analysis in social listening tools and some of the shortcomings of machine understanding of context.

Social Media Listening Tools reviewed in this episode

Social Mention
Radian 6 ( Now Salesforce Social Studio)
Media toolkit.
Google Alerts

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