I spend much of my time training many of the worlds largest and most successful organisations (as well as lots of small and ambitious organisations and people!) in how to use digital marketing effectively. As part of this I often share and demonstrate the tools and websites that I find most useful.

As I do this I generally bookmark these links under a folder called “Most Useful Links”. After much procrastination I have finally decided to share this list of sites. Some may be familiar to you, but I’m sure many won’t be.

It’s  a varied list, so I’ve added a brief description after each one. You never know, if enough people like this one, I may publish the full list one day…. Enjoy!

ODEM – An interactive demo with a difference
An amazing example of what can be done with multi-screening. You’ll need Google Chrome and a phone with a QR code reader.
Display Benchmark Tools
Great insights into what you can expect from display advertising, allowing you to benchmark yourself and your campaigns.
Windows Find the Intent Index
Understand why people use the web in this beautifully presented website.
Social Mention
A great free social media listening tool.
Another free social media listening tool.
My favourite low cost commercial social listening tool – getting better all the time.
Crazy Egg
Low cost visual representations of your users click path through your site.
Some amazing tools to record the user journey through your site, with a great free option.
Industry standard for visualising your emails on multiple email clients and great email spam and analytics tools.
API Directory – ProgrammableWeb
A really comprehensive list of API’s out there that all you techies can make use of.
fire watch
My favourite commercial social media monitoring tool.
Affiliate Window
A great affiliate network to connect affiliates with merchants.
A non-nonsense site with all of the marketing models, business planning frameworks and team building activities you could ever want. I’m always finding something new and useful here.
Huge library of amazing free icons.
Lucky Orange
Another great low cost usability tool to help you understand how your web visitors are using your site.
Pay with a Tweet – A social payment system
Does what it says!
Online Database of Social Media Policies
Fantastically useful list of social media policies that you can read and download.
DISQUS – Elevating the discussion
Great, and very easy to use discussion platform that can be added to your site/blog.
Open Site Explorer
Amazing free tool to explore your inbound links for your SEO campaigns
Baidu “Page Rank” Checker | China SEO Blog
The equivalent of PageRank for Baidu (China’s biggest search engine).TwitrlandMy favourite free Twitter analytics tool
Google Analytics Solutions Gallery – Google Analytics
Some incredible customisations for Google Analytics
Tint Pricing
Awesome social media feeds for your website.
Synthesio – Home – Social Media Monitoring and Engagement
A great social listing tool that covers many global social media platforms including the Chinese market.
Google Penalty Checker Tool – New | FRUITION
Awesome tool that looks at the potential impact of Google changes on your site.
Timeline JS – Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.Google
Great free tool to help you build interactive timelines for your website.
AnalyticsURL builder – Analytics Help
Easily add tracking code to you emails, ads and other content.
Google Keyword Tool
Find out how many people are searching for a particular search term and get suggested alternatives for your search campaigns.
Google Trends
See trends in search over time and compare different words and phrases. One of my favourite digital marketing tools.
Forrester Groundswell
Understand how different demographics and nationalities engagement levels in socia media. The data hasn’t been updated for a while, but the engagement levels are a great concept.
Mobile Planet
Google’s great tool to help you understand the mobile audience. Easily create charts that show mobiel behaviour.
Think Insights with Google – Library
A complete set of tools and case studies from Google to help digital marketers. Amazing content and the first place I go to look for free insights tools.
Understand the role that online plays in the buying process for a wide range of products.