In this episode recorded while Ciaran and Daniel were touring the Highlands of Scotland Ciaran has picked out some tenuously spookily named digital marketing tools we think are great. Nothing particularly scary happens in this episode, but Ciaran was keen to do a Halloween themed show, so we thought it best to let him get it out of his system.

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This is a browser extension that allows you to analyse all of the marketing tech/tags on your site. Every tag is inspected, and you get feedback on if any of them are unsafe.

It also enables the consumer to screen out specific marketing tags which can speed up their experience, so it does have dual use. You can be a ghost online if you. Better than this you can analyse and visualise how tags are being used on your website and view the order they load in, perfect for auditing the tags you have on your site.


An uber cool and uber minimal blogging alternative to WordPress. Super fast and very easy to set up you can either host your blog via or make use of the growing number of companies offering dedicated Ghost blog hosting.

Neverware CloudReady: Home Edition

If you have an old and unused personal laptop laying around gathering dust this tool could help virtually bring it back from the dead. Neverware’s CloudReady Home Edition will help you create a USB stick from which you can try out Chromium OS on your device. This free version is intended only for personal use by individuals, but commercial options are also available if that’s something you think might be useful.

You can run Chromium from the USB stick and try it out before installing it for real so it’s relatively risk-free. Just be aware that if you do decide to install the new OS, it will wipe the hard drive that you install it on so make double sure you have anything you want to keep back up and safe before you do this!


“Is there anybody there….?” The answer – yes there absolutely is. Over 60 million monthly readers make use of Medium. Medium is a social content sharing platform. A brilliant and continual stream of inspiration and thought leadership. The Medium platform is a real gem. Anyone can write and contribute. A lot of people post up their blog content and link back to their website. The great thing we love about Medium is it encourages people to vote on good material and is very good and sharing out what’s popular and getting traction. It’s also a great way to find writers on any subject who are worth following. Also, check out Medium’s publications feature which enables you to bundle up contributions from multiple writers. You can create your own publications and invite others to contribute. That could be your internal team, or it could be a mix of internal and external contributors.

If Medium’s publications feature is something that interests you then check out this article from on the subject

More Information about Gutenberg WordPress Editor


A browser extension that helps you to transform your Gmail into organised task lists.


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