Discover your innovation strengths and develop your creative potential.

Ciaran speaks to writer and CEO, Natalie Turner from The Entheo Network, a global leadership innovation company that provides consultancy and training services to help individuals and organisations create new products and services whilst building innovation skills, capabilities and culture.

We discuss Natalie’s book ‘YES, YOU CAN INNOVATE’, a practical how-to-guide to help you develop your innovation strengths. The book is designed to help people around the world get better at making new ideas happen in times of change and uncertainty and is packed full of insight and guidance on how to innovate effectively. The lessons and models that Natalie has put together can be used to innovate both in your personal life and for your work in organisations. We explore at a practical level, how can we find and nurture great ideas that will positively impact on our work.

Anyone involved in creation and innovation can fine-tune their ability to make change happen in an efficient and effective way. It will be of particular interest to anyone embarking on a digital transformation project. We explore with Natalie her ‘Six ‘I’s®’ Model and include a visual outline of the Model here in the show notes so you can follow our discussions on it.

Six 'I's® Model by Natalie Turner, Author of 'Yes, You Can Innovate

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