Learn how you can put more energy into your projects and spend less time debating them with detractors with this simple to follow approach to stakeholder management. Daniel shares his own approach to stakeholder management with some simple easy to follow guidance on how to go about managing the whole process.

Increasingly as digital channels have more and more impact on the success of the overall business, marketers are being tasked with driving change within organisations. The goal is to transform systems and processes so they are aligned with the fast-moving demands of customers in every marketplace. A key foundational skill in bringing about transformation and change is stakeholder management but to those new to this practice, it can present all sorts of pitfalls that left undealt with can kill any chances your project has of success.

Change in any organisation is always hard, but with this straightforward and pragmatic approach, Daniel illustrates an effective strategy for managing the most challenging part of big change- managing all those who are affected by the proposed changes and getting enough support to ensure your project gets the go ahead. Listen in and learn how he manages that process and start backing your own projects with the same strategic approach for success.

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