In this video Daniel talks discusses how to title content for Social Media Impact as well as long term Search Engine Optimisation.

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Hi, I'm Daniel Rowles from Target Internet, and in this video we're going to be talking about content marketing. Just try and put it in perspective, talk about what it really is, and how it's absolutely essential to pretty much every stage of any digital marketing activity you'll going to carry out.

So the idea of content marketing is that you are providing value through your content to engage with your audience. So that could come in pretty much any form. And when we talk about content, that could be anything from video, audio, written, it could be user-generated content in terms of comments and feedback, and so on as well, so a very broad definition of content itself.

But what we're really talking about is what can I provide to my audience that provides value to them at the right time? And this is a bit of a twisting no matter how we think about marketing, because quite often what was happening with the website or with other digital platforms we were using is they are really saying "Buy our stuff. Buy our stuff."

And we have to throw out a email saying, "Look, we've got a special offer." And it was very much assuming that the person that we were sending these messages out to were at the point of purchase.

But obviously when we are using online as consumers and within businesses on an every day basis, we're not necessarily at the point of purchase. We might be researching, educating ourselves, browsing around. And what we're trying to do with this content is provide the right content at the right time to people to engage with them and rather than broadcasting sales matches at them, provide value so we're building trust. We're building up awareness of our particular products and services, but then we're front of mind when somebody actually comes to want to make a purchase. So it's lesser the kind of pushy sales approach and much more a two-way engagement kind of approach.

So if we look at our business for example, we sell digital marketing e-learning. But in reality, most people have got no idea they want digital marketing e-learning or even what it is. So what we really need to try and do is engage with people, understand who our target audience is, and then give them content that's useful to them at the right time.

So we will provide best practice and podcast and videos like this to build engagement with the audience, and then when people come through to our website, they'll be able to see we actually sell this other product. There's lots of supporting materials around that product and service to allow them to educate themselves about it if they want to, but we're not assuming that somebody is always at the point of purchase.

And very traditionally, too, with email marketing really done badly where people just kept on throwing out these special offers. And what ends up happening is people just don't bother reading your emails. One of the biggest challenges with email now is no longer spam, but it's actually the idea of the solicited stuff, but it's stuff we just we don't read. So it's that stuff you get all the time, and you just never open it. You delete it the second it comes in. That's what often is being referred to as bacon now BACN. It's a real industry term of course.

So the key thing is in providing content, understand what content you need at different stages of buying. And then getting that two-way communication going so you're providing value and focusing on that rather than just shouting at people. The benefit of that is it's going to be really useful from the Search Engine Optimization point of view because actually it ticks a lot of the boxes Google is interested in, the right words on the page in the right place, people linking through geo-content because it's providing value. That's going to help drive you up the search engines.

Also, it's going to give you something to engage around in social media, because you need something to talk about in social media. It gives you something useful you can send out in your email communications. And generally, it's going to get you the two-way communications that you really need to engage your target audiences.

So content marketing is actually the essential. And in fact, it's not really anything really that new. It's bringing in a number of things together that we should have been doing for a long time, which is understanding the user journey, trying to align what our business objectives are in terms of with what it is our target audience actually wants, and then utilizing the channels like social media, email, and search most effectively, but do it in a way which provides the most value.

So good luck with all your content marketing efforts. If you found this video useful, please "like" it, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. And I'll see you in another video.