How does influencer marketing work? What are the benefits of social media marketing and what strategy should you adapt? These are just some of the questions we get asked all the time and in the current marketing climate the 2 biggest trends are seen as social media and influencer marketing. 

The two categories alone can be the hardest to get right and need focus and time to work for your brand. If done correctly however, they have huge benefits. If you set yourself the right goals, work within the appropriate channels and create good influencer partnerships, it’s an area of marketing that can propel your brand to new areas.

In our list, we uncover the top seven books you will ever need to boost your knowledge and skills in social media and influencer marketing. Not only can these books help boost your brand or business but if your job demands you expanding your knowledge, these books are the right place to start. If you want to become an influencer and work with brands you love, our list of books will help you stay authentic and guide you to make the right partnerships.

Top 7 of 2019 Books


Social Media Marketing: Step by Step Instructions For Advertising Your Business

An easy to read book with the steps to help you understand the basics of social media platforms, how to market on them and helping you improve your business through the social media market today. 

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital

Must read for any marketer looking to peruse the online marketing industry, providing you with brand new perspective of social media Marketing. 

500 Social Media Marketing Tips

General guide providing you with social media knowledge that includes links to software and tutorials that can help you reach your targets set for your business. 

Social Media Marketing: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Become an Expert Influencer

Lots of tips & tricks to help you with social media marketing also assisting you with strategies and different ways to start your own business online. 

Hashtag Authentic

A must–have from experienced Instagram influencer Sara Tasker, Hashtag Authentic blends tips and lessons learnt from Sara’s 6 years on the site together with stunning imagery to inspire and guides to make your own photos look just as good. All of this is broken down into bite-sized chunks which, coupled a conversational tone, makes this book an easy and essential read for anyone who’s serious about becoming an Instagram influencer.

Capture Your Style

Whilst Aimee Song’s bestselling book may appear to be more so aimed at beginners, I think the advice and guidance provided is nevertheless invaluable for anyone trying to take influencing seriously. Whilst the first chapters may be somewhat boring, the book soon deep dives into some of the fundamentals of Instagram, notably on growing your follower numbers and improving engagement. Despite not being ground-breaking, I think this book is valuable to anyone as it solidifies the basics of Instagram influencing. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing Secrets 2019

Many would-be influencers have creative ideas but struggle to implement them. ‘Influencer’, by Robb Taroni, provides up to date techniques to do which do not compromise on the authenticity or originality of your brand. A comprehensive guide with helpful illustrations, this book alone can help launch or boost your influencer career!