Recorded just before our summer break, Daniel and Ciaran share a few of their favourite digital marketing tools from our new toolkit. This new toolkit is a collection of marketing tools curated by Daniel’s students. The complete toolkit comprises some great tools that we have never mentioned before on the Podcast or Target We are giving it away exclusively for podcast listeners. Get your Toolkit here

With the tools we share in this episode, you can research the latest and greatest marketing content and research social influencers in a geographical area for any subject. Research a website’s backlinks, gain insights into what different audiences think and discuss. Discover how you can quickly create dynamic Html 5 display ads you can use anywhere by using your landing page.

We also explore migrating from one website to another. Discover how backlink checking and redirection can help to stabilize your organic search engine traffic.Download the complete Toolkit Additions and get even more tools to make your work easier and more fun.

If you know of, or use a great tool we haven’t covered, please get in touch. We love to hear from our listeners and always love exploring new tools.

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Digital Marketing Podcast Toolkit Additions

Right Relevance research tool



Wordstream Smart Ads Creator


The fastest growing social media networking 2021 article

Essential peanut butter knowledge we made Ciaran read and digest shortly after this recording.

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