Daniel and Ciaran discuss the technologies they think will have the most significant impact on digital marketing over the coming year. Ciaran gets over excited and starts mixing his metaphors while Daniel thankfully takes a more level-headed approach and keeps discussions grounded in current reality.

We discuss machine learning and virtual reality and some of the exciting uses for it. we look at some of the exciting developments about to happen in virtual reality and what that might spell for the future with Facebook’s soon to be released Oculus Go. Is virtual reality the new experience you won’t be able to live without or just new tech hype that will pass?

We also explore voice search, augmented reality and virtual assistants and look beyond the hype as the industry gradually works out the most efficient use cases for this new technology.

Daniel predicts the rise of beacons which is a prediction he has been making for the last three years, but he shares with us why he believes 2018 will be a real growth year for this technology. Ciaran shares with us why he thinks quick response codes will become cool again. ( Yes we know, QR codes are something Ciaran has been predicting to be the next big thing since we started the podcast but hear him out as this angle is an interesting one however misguided. )

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